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Sklep internetowy seksowna4you.pl (dalej zwany „seksowna4you.pl”) działający pod adresem internetowym www.seksowna4you.pl, prowadzony jest przez:

Jarosława Grylę, Firma Handlowo - Usługowa „MATAR”,

zarejestrowanego w Centralnej Ewidencji i Informacji o Działalności Gospodarczej prowadzonej przez ministra właściwego do spraw gospodarki adres: Siemońska 11, 42-500 Będzin, NIP: 629 152 39 92, REGON: 240254364

Tel. 517 607 438, e-mail: sklep@seksowna4you.pl



Taking orders 

  1. Seksowna4you.pl sells products via the Internet. Information about the products are available on the website seksowna4you.pl: http: //www.seksowna4you.pl.
  2. The customer can place orders 7 days a week, 24 hours a day through the website seksowna4you.pl.
  3. A necessary condition of execution of the order is to register in the system and administration of the registration form of real data. In the case of suspected misrepresentation, Seksowna4you reserves the right to suspend the execution of the order.
  4. Seksowna4you.pl reserves the right to confirming the order via telephone.
  5. By placing an order, the client agrees to the terms and conditions and concludes a sales agreement for ordered products with seksowna4you.pl.
  6. Orders placed after 12:00 on a given day or on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday are treated as filed on the next business day.  



1. Prices of the product on seksowna4you.pl include VAT and are quoted in PLN.

2. Price of the product does not include shipping  fees, which are added during ordering, after adding products to the basket, in the amount specified in the “shipping fees” tab.

3. The price of each product is binding at the time of order and is valid until the end of the transaction.

4. For each completed order is accompanied by a receipt, on demand made at the latest at time of placing the order, the ordered product will be issued an invoice.

5. Seksowna4you.pl reserves the right to change prices of the products, introducing new products to the offer, withdraw products from the offer, and cancel promotional or make changes.





  1. Seskowna4you.pl only accepts the following forms of payment: 

    - by cash on collection

    - wire transfer

    - ayU payments

  2. Seksowna4you.pl reserves a right to cancel an order, in case when the client selected a wire transfer or PayU payment option and has not made a payment in 3 business days since placing an order. 

Execution of the orders

  1. Seksowna4you.pl will use its best efforts to execute the order within 1-7 business days:
  • As orders on collection – since placing an order
  • As orders paid with PayU – since getting a valid payment confirmation by seksowna4you.pl
  • As orders paid with wire transfer – since money has been transferred to seksowna4you.pl bank account
  • As orders paid with a credit card – since card authorization
  1. Time of execution does not include time of delivery, which depends on the shipping.
  2. The order is placed when the customer presses "confirm purchase" button. Placing an order obligates to make a payment. Customer is informed about payment obligations when placing an order.
  3. The order will be executed only if the product ordered is in stock. The costumer is informed about availability of the given product before placing an order.
  4. Seksowna4you.pl reserves the right to verify the order and cancel it in cases that justify doubts about the possibility of executing the order.
  5. The costumer is informed by telephone or by mail in case part of the order is not available and makes a decision concerning the order (partial execution, awaiting availability, canceling the whole order or replacing the missing product).
  6. Sesowna4your.pl reserves the right to dispatching available products or cancelling the order in case of no reply from the costumer in 3 days.
  7. Time of execution, in case of orders consisting of several products with different availability is dependent on time of completing the order by seksowna4you.pl , unless parties agree otherwise.
  8. Costumer can cancel the order if it has not been completed yet.

10. In case of client selecting products available in the 24h offer, time of execution is the time needed for seksowna4you.pl to prepare the product for shipping.

11. In the case of orders paid by bank transfer or by service płatności.pl when seksowna4you.pl is not able to fulfill the order in full, seksowna4you.pl informs the Client about this fact. In case costumer cancels order partially - missing product - or the entire order, money is being returned to costumer’s bank account.

12. Seksowna4you.pl reserves the right to cancel an order or deny resending the goods by COD parcel in case of not collecting the COD parcel by the costumer. For the package to be sent again, it is necessary that the costumer pays for previous unsuccessful COD, the products and shipping costs.

13. Seksowna4you.pl executes international orders only after receiving a wire transfer from the costumer. Seksowna4you.pl does not ship COD internationally.

14. For sales promotions and sales there is a limited number of products. Orders are executed in the same order they are confirmed. In case seksowna4you.pl runs out of stock, seksowna4you.pl reserves the right to correcting the order and dispatching an incomplete order or cancelling the order.

15. The customer may, without any consequences cancel the order by phone or e-mail at sklep@seksownaforyou.pl until status of the order is changed to "ready to send". An e-mail is sent to notify the costumer of changing the status of the order.



  1. Shipping cost depends on value of the order, payment method, volume of the order, shipping method and destination country. Costumer gets information about shipping fees before placing an order.
  2. Seksowna4you.pl reserves the right to cancel an order or deny resending the goods by COD parcel in case of not collecting the COD parcel by the costumer. For the package to be sent again, it is necessary that the costumer pays for previous unsuccessful COD, the products and shipping costs.
  3. Shipping cost is specified on the receipt or the invoice.
  4. Orders of value above 250,00 PLN are free of shipping fees (for Poland only) – free shipping option narrows shipment methods to shipping by Poczta Polska 


Right of withdrawal

1. Client has the right to withdraw the sale agreement without giving any reason within 14 days from the date on which the costumer came into the possession of products purchased or the date on which the products have entered a third party other than the carrier and authorized by Client who is a consumer.

2. To use from the right of withdrawal customer who is a consumer must inform seksowna4you.pl about his decision to withdraw the agreement by an unequivocal statement sent to the following address: F.H.U. MATAR Jaroslaw Gryla, ul. Siemońska 11, 42 - 500 Bedzin. The customer who is a consumer may use the specimen contained on the website seksowna4you.pl, but this is not mandatory to use this specific form.

3. To keep the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient that the customer sends a letter informing about the execution of the right of withdrawal before the expiry of fourteen days, as referred to in paragraph. 1.

4. In the event of cancellation seksowna4you.pl returns the customer all payments received from him, including the costs of delivery of the products (with the exception of the additional costs resulting from the Customer's method of delivery of the product other than the cheapest way to deliver the product offered by seksowna4you.pl) promptly and not longer than 14 days from the date of notification seksowna4you.pl of the execution of the Client right to withdraw the contract.

5. Money will be refunded in the same way in which payment has been made by the client, unless the client expressly agrees to another form of payment. Consumer does not incur any other costs caused by a different form of payment.

6. Seksowna4you.pl reserves the right to withhold reimbursement payments until receiving the product back, or until receipt of proof of the reference product, depending on which of these events occurs first.

7. In the case of using the right of withdrawal, the customer is obliged to return the products immediately, and no later than 14 days from the date of notifying seksowna4you.pl concerning the withdrawal. The term is retained if the costumer will dispatch the products within 14 days of notifying seksowna4you.pl of the withdrawal. The customer can also simultaneously send a letter informing about the withdrawal, along with the reference products purchased.

8. Client bears all the direct cost of returning the products, in the case of withdrawal.

9. Client is fully responsible only for reducing value of the products resulting from the use of them in a different way than was necessary to determine the characteristics, nature and operation of the product.

10. Given the nature of our products and the necessary hygiene requirements, products that are returned as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal must be unused, clean and include the document of purchase (receipt or invoice) and be in the original box with tags. 



1. Replacement product may be on the same product, but a different size or for a different product, depending on the will of the costumer. Replacement can only be made within 28 days.

2. When changing to a different product, if the value of the new product will be lower than the value of the returned product, seksowna4you.pl will return the difference to  consumer's bank account. If the value of the new product is higher, customer agrees to pay the difference.

3. Seksowna4you.pl will cover replacement costs resulting from the incorrect execution of the order by seksowna4you.pl, unless the replacement is due to wrong size judgment by the client. In this case, shipping costs are split in half for seksowna4you.pl and the costumer.



1. Seksowna4you.pl is a manufacturer of the products offered and is committing  to provide products without defects.

2. Seksowna4you.pl bears, on the terms specified in the Act - the Civil Code (Dz. U. of 2014., Pos. 121, as amended.) liability to customers when products are tainted ( resulting in; decrease of value, decrease in usefulness of the product, lack of competence, which the client was informed on the website seksowna4you.pl, incompleteness, incompleteness product). In order to examine the complaint, product should be sent product to seksowna4you.pl by mail with proof of purchase (receipt, invoice), and an indication of what the claim refers to and a proposed solution.

3. Seksowna4you.pl has the right to refuse the complaint, if the product has been mechanically damaged.

4. In case of complaint product offered as a set (products offered as sets, costumes), the complaint shall be subject only to the product as a whole rather than its individual components.

5. In case of positive consideration of the complaint seksowna4you.pl will reimburse you for the cost of postal delivery.

6. Complaints relating to mechanical damage caused during transport will be considered only on the basis of the written complaint protocol made in presence of the deliverer.

7. In accordance with art. 568 of the Civil Code, seksowna4you.pl is responsible in titles warranty for a period of two years from the release of the product to the Customer.

8. Complaints must be submitted to the address of the owner of seksowna4you.pl.


Personal data

 1. By registering on the website seksowna4you.pl customer agrees to have their personal data in a database managed by seksowna4you.pl and their processing and use for the purposes of the agreement.

2. Giving personal data by the Client and consent to their processing are voluntary, however, does not provide such data makes it impossible to process the order by seksowna4you.pl.

3. The personal data administrator is the manager of the shop seksowna4you.pl.

4. The customer is responsible for providing false personal data.

5. Personal data is protected in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. On the protection of personal data (i.e., Dz. U. of 2014., Pos. 1182) to prevent access to them by third parties.

Consistent with the above. by law, customers have the right to access, correct and request removal of their personal data.


Products and trademarks 

1. Seksowna4you.pl makes every effort to ensure that the website descriptions were consistent with the facts. However, in case of any doubts before placing your order contact us by telephone or by email at sklep@seksownaforyou.pl.

2. Names, images, logos and trademarks used on seksowna4you.pl are the property of their respective owners or creators and are protected by law. They are presented only for information purposes.

3. It is forbidden to use the product names, images, logos and trademarks without the prior written consent of the holder. 


Specials and loyalty program 

1. The customer may use only one promotional code per order.

2. The validity of the code is indicated on the coupon and on the organizer's website.

3. Customers receive promotional points for shopping, writing reviews and opinions on seksowna4you.pl. Points are valid for one year from the time of awarding.

4. New customers (ordering from seksowna4you.pl for the first time) are entitled to a 10% discount for the first order.


Final Provisions 

1. The products presented on the website seksowna4you.pl are not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.

2. The customer can contact seksowna4you.pl about implementation of the order by sending an e-mail to the following address: sklep@seksownaforyou.pl.

3. The client cannot use an e-mail and websites of seksowna4you.pl to provide illegal content.

4. In matters not covered in these rules, provisions of Polish law apply, in particular the Civil Code and the laws specified in the regulations.

5. Costumers are obliged to familiarize themselves with the content of these regulations and each is bound by its provisions at the time of order.

6. Seksowna4you.pl reserves the right to change the rules. Costumers will be notified about any change in Terms and Conditions via the website, including the date of effectiveness.

7. These Regulations shall constitute an integral part of sales contracts by seksowna4you.pl and customers.

8. The contract of sale of the product is concluded between the costumer and Jaroslaw Gryla - F.H.U. MATAR, which is confirmed by a receipt or invoice.

9. Disputes arising from a sales agreement, where costumer is not a party, are subject to recognition by the court competent for the owner of seksowna4you.pl.

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